Research is the newest area in which I work, but in some ways I have been doing research for a long time. As a writer and a metadata consultant I have become skilled at asking hard questions, gathering and organizing data, and synthesizing it into accessible and useful forms. I am naturally curious and love to learn new things. 

I use qualitative research methods to help organizations identify barriers, gather feedback, and make better decisions about how to allocate their resources. Whether it’s understanding particular challenges and conditions, or providing a broad overview of a field or discipline, I employ structured interviews, focus groups, surveys, and textual research as the basis for succinct and informative reports, toolkits, guidelines, and other documents.

I recognize that all research is extractive and strive to work ethically and respectfully with all participants. I believe that good research involves fully informed consent from respondents and reciprocity. With this in mind, I build proper compensation for respondents into all of my research budgets, and attempt to form relationships that are mutually beneficial for respondents, clients, and myself.